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designing for small spaces

The New Year is underway and it’s a safe bet you’re looking around thinking, “What can I change?” If you live in a small apartment or have rooms in your home that are woefully undersized (I’m lookin’ at you, tiny “guest room!”), you may feel limited in what you can do.

Take it from us: you can do a lot with a small space. If anything, it’s an excuse for you to be more focused and economical in your decor decisions—making the utmost use of every inch.

multipurpose storage

The number one complaint from those with limited space is:

“I have nowhere to put anything!”

We hear you. But every closet-less room can redeem itself with sneaky storage solutions: from an adorable ottoman with a removable top to a storage bed with multiple drawers for clothing (who needs a bulky dresser?!) to a leaning bookcase/desk like the Emmett, above.


mirror mirror on the wall…

And yes, another tried and true trick: mirrors! They make a world of difference in creating the illusion of more space. Apartment Therapy adds that you can maximize this illusion by grouping mirrors together, turning them on their side, adding a mirror next to the dining room table to allow for softer lighting—just like restaurants do—and more.

Astra Chair

The Astra swivel chair (in special-ordered fabric) with a bold, space-creating mirror above.

Hawkins Dresser

The Hawkins dresser topped by the 48-inch Twine Mirror.

invest where you ingest

Zillow may have boasted a “spacious eat-in kitchen,” but is it really? And do you actually eat meals at the kitchen table, anyway?

If you tend to eat at the center kitchen island or breakfast nook, you should try smaller, fit-to-scale dining pieces with an extension leaf or flip top, like the Hyannis, above.

all work + all play = more space

Making double, or even triple, use of a piece of furniture can save ample square footage. If you multitask in your home office from 9-5, let your furniture do the multitasking 24/7! Just as the Hyannis flip top can be used as a console table or desk, the Santiago, below, can serve as either a desk or a dining table as well.


sleeper + sofa = even more space

A full-sized sleeper sofa, like the 71-inch Slater, is perfect for entertaining guests in a cramped space. Then, when all the wine is put away, pull it out and offer them a comfy place to sleep.


and about that mattress delivery…

Bed-in-a-Box is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Navigating stubborn nooks and crannies of your home with an unyielding mattress can be a major pain point. We get it.

Pssst, we want to let in on our best-kept secret: we have one of the most affordable—and comfortable—bed-in-a-box options on the market. Our Queen-sized mattress-in-a-box ships free and direct for as low as $495. Bonus? It expands right before your eyes. So if your front door or staircase is small, no worries!

Here’s to a spacious, comfortable, and happy 2018 from us at Boston Interiors!

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holiday tablescapes

Set the table—and the mood—this season with inventive and unique holiday tabletops. Also referred to as “tablescapes,” these artistic arrangements can be as simple or ornate as your heart desires.

dramatic shadows

The holiday table trend this season has been “shadowy and sophisticated” with matte tableware and natural elements, according to an Etsy trend expert on But “shadowy” doesn’t have to mean “no color,” just as “sophisticated” doesn’t have to mean “no fun”! 

Read on for tips on how to spice it up with bold hues, keep it clutter-free with visual tricks, and how it’s not always about the dining room.


farm to table

By pairing classic white tableware with neutral linens and natural elements like artichokes or green leaves, you’ll establish an eye-pleasing contrast, like below in the Farmington tabletop. And especially as New Year’s approaches, don’t be shy about adding some glam, via glitzy or metallic-coated accessories. Display cabinets can carry through your tabletop theme, and more color can be added with wall art, like the Sprout Artwork.

Farmington Table

The Farmington Table topped with (clockwise from left) the neutral Jubilee Runner, Sprout Artwork, White Dinnerware, and the Glitterati votive.

mixing and maxing

Once you begin adding elements of décor to your tabletops, it can be hard to stop! One way to make the surface appear less crowded is to vary the height. We’re talking tall and short and everything in between, for objects like candlesticks, votives, and even your water glasses. Or, take it to the max with a major statement piece like a dramatic chandelier. (The show-stopping Erica Chandelier, below, is $90 off for a limited time.)

Monroe Tabletop


all-you-can-fit buffet

Tablescaping opportunities extend beyond dining tables—especially when hosting a large group who may spill into multiple rooms. You can decorate valuable surfaces, from bar carts to buffet tables, and make them just as gorgeous as your dining table. Just as you can vary the heights of objects on the dinner table, try displaying your hors d’oeuvres, like these cute cutting board risers, (now $79.96, on sale) atop your sideboard.


Winter Wonder

Lucky for you, there are a couple more days left in our Winter Wonder accessories sale, where you can get plenty of tabletop items at 20% off, including linens, runners, vases, dinnerware, rugs, and lighting.

Stop by a store near you, or use code WW online. Host with style this New Year!

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The land of no returns

Give a gift for keeps

We were surprised to learn that 54% of all holidays gifts were either exchanged or altered last year, according to e-Gift platform GiftNow. What may not be surprising is what types of gifts get returned. You might’ve guessed it already: clothing! It’s tough choosing a sweater for Mom, or pants that fit just right for your significant other.

Another highly returned category is sweets, like chocolate or candy—so what may seem tried and true may prove to be a waste of money.

So, now that you know what may not be the best gift to buy, you can formulate a plan for the holiday season and tailor presents for your loved ones. Our additional take? The trick is not only shopping for the right gift (you don’t want to send them straight to those dreadful post-holiday return lines), but keeping it all within budget for yourself!



Count the number of sofas, chairs, benches, and other seating in your home. A lot, right? Well consider your friends and family. A soft, stylish throw blanket is not only pleasant to the touch when opening gifts (cue the ooh’s and ahh’s as they run their hand over a plush knit throw), but it’s a safe bet that some surface of their home could use a pop of color, or at the very least as winter approaches, a warm cocoon for curling up with cocoa.

Fluffy Throws

The fun & fuzzy Fluff Throw (left) and the soft and plush Polar Throw (right)

Candle Bags

Decorative candle bags are a big trend this holiday season. Simple candles get a personalized boost when housed in little reusable sacks. These can range from muslin to canvas and feature irreverent, homey, or inspirational quotations. Hit two birds with one stone if you’re gifting for a new home around the holidays.

Try something like the “Happy House” candle bag ($49.95), scented with a unique blend of lemongrass, cedar wood, soft rose, and clove. Or, for that Beatles fan: “I Get by with a Little Help From my Friends.”


On a budget: Keeping it under $100

We’ll keep it simple: some of the best gifts can also be a bargain, from accent pillows, to decorative plates, to glass votives and candleholders. As a bonus, for the rest of December we’re offering 20% off all lighting, rugs, and accessories. Use promo code WW during our Winter Wonder Sale!

And when all else fails…

Gift cards! Let your loved ones choose a treat for themselves. If they just moved into their home, or they just want to spruce up their space, furniture and accessories are just the thing. And your gift card will help…inspirationally, and financially.

GIft Cards from Boston Interiors

So go ahead, give the gift of design!

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a warm welcome

Design Challenge: Cozy + Rustic = Sophisticated

How do you balance cozy, rustic, and neutral—while still keeping your look sophisticated and fresh?

This was the design challenge posed by a recent customer from Norfolk, Mass. The family of three had just moved into a spacious, open concept home, complete with gleaming wood floors and smooth finishes on the walls.

From Concept to Creation – Design Services to the Rescue!

“My goal was to make this space warm and welcoming,” said Design Associate Loretta, whom they tapped as their in-home consultant (for the third time!). “I wanted to create a look that was comfortable for the whole family.”

It began with an idea board that outlined her vision and included graphical renderings of the space along with floor plans.

Ultimately, the design plan centered around four key components:

1. Rustic elements

Rustic furnishings can be seen in heavily distressed pieces like the Clifton accent chest, topped with neutral accessories like a wood tray, an off-white ceramic lamp, and wood framed wall decor. Tiny pops of color from pink flowers complement the blue/gray matte of the Clifton.

These rustic pieces worked well in creating a contrasting effect against a neutral color palette, which we’ll explore next.

2. Neutrals

The family loved the existing wall colors of their new home, as they were freshly painted and fit their style perfectly. Here, the two-tone of the Felicity Wine Cabinet is topped with a galvanized metal tray. Hanging above in perfect symmetry is a quartet of soft green fern prints, the ultimate in maximizing neutrals.

Neutrals in Felicity Cabnet and Oscar Chair

left: The Felicity Wine Cabinet works well as a neutral element as well as being rustic in style. It is constructed of reclaimed wood from old shipping pallets and crates. The Fern Prints (A, B, D, F) round out the look as a symmetrical and colorful accent. right: the neutral custom fabric Oscar chair adds a subtle dash of color while the nailheads bring a touch of sophistication.

3. Open Concept

Since the goal was to make this house as warm and welcoming as possible, it made sense to take advantage of the natural flow of the home. The circular Normandy Dining Table adds a welcoming, casual vibe in the area extended from the kitchen. Plus, check out the neutral fabric of the diamond-back Regent chairs, and the distressing of the Medallion wall decor, which also added texture to the smooth backdrop.

Normandy Dining Table

Normandy Dining Table and Regency Side Chairs

4. Texture

Last but not least, texture! The Catalina collection, made of a handwoven abaca, can be seen from the dining room to the kitchen stools. These backless, light gray counter stools are set against the dark wood of the island. In the dining room, gray side chairs feature cream colored chair cushions.

Textures Loretta

Texture from the the Catalina collection, which features handwoven abaca over a solid mahogany and mango wood frame, offset the smooth wall finishes and polished floors.

The combination of cozy, rustic, and sophisticated ended up working for the whole family (and pets!)


For similar looks, check out, where we’re having a major Grand Opening sale in all stores and online, with coupon code GR.

And don’t forget, our Design Services staff are always here to help!

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Boo! Buying furniture isn’t scary.

Online vs. In-Store Furniture Shopping

We’re constantly looking for ways to make both in-store and online furniture buying seamless, comfortable, and less scary! We know it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of online and in-store furniture purchases, especially for larger items. Sometimes you need to try before you buy, and other times you want the ease and convenience of clicking a button.

Which type of buyer are you?

The Try-before-you-buy Shopper

Some of us are tactile shoppers.

Take a sofa or a sectional. Not only is this piece a significant investment, but also it needs to please multiple members of your family. Are the cushions too stiff? Is the back too high for your taste, or too low? Words and inches on a screen can’t always make that decision for you.

Camby sofa

Tactile shoppers prefer to test out large furniture pieces like a sofa, experiencing in-person its comfort, texture and true color. Pictured: Camby sofa.

Or what if that sectional is blissfully sink-in-able (we made that word up), a feeling you were only able to experience by sitting down and trying it out right in the showroom? Plus, if you’ve got your little ones in tow, you can get their opinion right on the spot!

The Quizzical Shopper

The number one piece of feedback we get here at Boston Interiors is our customers’ appreciation for our knowledgeable design team. A lot of furniture shoppers don’t know where to begin and need design assistance. One-on-one interaction can be an irreplaceable method to determine what style is best for you, which colors or fabrics will most fit your needs, and so on. We all probably watch design shows, but it’s nice to know someone is there to help.

I worked with Karli and Dee at the Mashpee store and they made furniture buying stress-free. We were moving into a small condo and needed to furnish the entire place, and they helped me find perfect pieces for each room. Delivery was really quick and the delivery guys were so patient trying to figure out how to get these huge pieces up a tiny stairwell!! Karli made the entire process so easy and she was so kind as we kept changing our minds. The quality of the furniture for the price point in excellent. This will be my first stop for any shopping needs.”

– Facebook review

The Hybrid Shopper

Maybe you’re a little bit of both: you like to try, sit, sink, sit again…and then go home and sleep on the decision. Then, instead of heading back to the store, you cruise to the website and order online.

If you buy furniture online from us, for instance, you have the security of quality furniture—plus an easy-to-navigate and hyper-secure website protecting your purchases! Create an account to track your orders and purchase history, as well as keep a wish list for future inspiration.

We also offer the option of white glove delivery everywhere, locally, ensuring that you won’t have to suffer through someone dropping a box on your doorstep, leaving you the tedious furniture assembly. White glove delivery also includes a thorough inspection of your furniture before the piece even leaves our warehouse. If it isn’t perfect, we won’t send it to your home.

The last thing you want to do is order a piece from a questionably reputable online retailer, and it comes to your home in a beat-up box, damaged, only to spend hours on the phone with customer service.

The Immediate Satisfaction Shopper

Accessories and home decor

Take home last minute gifts and accents from the store, or take advantage of online discounts in our gifts section. Clockwise from left: Cheers wall decor, Botanica 1097, Whalecome mat, candle bag, Nugget lamp, Gilded canister.

Another plus for shopping in-store versus online is that for smaller items, you can take it home that day. You don’t have to wait for delivery. This is great for last minute gifts or small accents, especially if you’ve browsed online already and know precisely what you want. Check out our brand new gift section for ideas.

The Always-be-on-the-lookout Shopper

Whether you buy in-store or online—no matter if you’re a tactile, hybrid, or sit-on-the-couch-with-your-coffee shopper—be sure to sign up for our VIP emails to get all the latest deals, event info, and promotions. Hope to see you soon!

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