BRRR…Decorating with Birch for Winter

birch1Now that the Christmas tree is gone, you’re probably sweeping up the last of those pesky pine needles, amazed that they have somehow made their way to the other side of the house! (And yes, come mid-spring you’ll likely find the last group of them clustered together in a corner behind the sofa!) All those pretty lights and decorations that made your home so festive are packed away until next year and you look around feeling slightly bland and stark. It’s too early for spring décor…so how should you decorate in the transition before the next big seasonal changeover?

Decorating…after the holidays.

Some of the fun we just had over the holidays was bringing in a tree from outside and plunking it down right in the middle of our living room. Bringing the outside in always works as a great decorating theme!! One popular trend now is the use of birch trees and birch bark as a focus. Perhaps it is the clean lines, simple and “back to basics” feel that draw us to it. Even the color, white with shades of black and gray, make it classic and timeless. Birch is regal & delicate in structure and can be used to decorate accordingly!


birch pot, betsy ball throw, cable knit pillow, branch vases, essence vase,

Dressing the birch up a bit works for a more elegant feel. When silver is added to birch vases, they now have a whole different appearance. Clustered with glassware and natural greens, boxwoods and topiaries complete the look. Now birch earns its right into the formal dining room or onto a mantle!

Artwork featuring winter scenes of birch stands take us to through the winter season without feeling like we forgot to take down our Christmas decorations! The calming nature of these scenes echo the quiet of the snowfall in the forest they reflect. Do not hesitate to change out art seasonally for you and your guests to enjoy the new view!

Birch accessories also allow you to bring in pops of color- bright red winterberries look great when added to a buffet top or simple greens or succulents round out the contrast of textures when paired with the birch. Leather furniture is rich and warm as the perfect contrast. Birch inspired rugs bring the look from head to (under your) toe!


Stand up to the blustery winter days and meet it head on by adding birch accessories or nature inspired décor until those early signs of spring start peeking through.

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make a statement with your mantel

What’s the best way to decorate your mantel? Quite often this is the focal point of a room, anchored by one main piece, maybe a mirror or artwork.  Once you have that in place on the wall, what to do next?

mantelblog2metal table clock, medallion

Here are some quick tips & ideas:

  1. Mix metals – no need to choose between silver or gold – use them both to make things sparkle and shine.  Mix a dull finish with shiny, soft and round with rigid and clean edges.
  2. Make sure you have a variety of heights for visual balance and interest.
  3. Overlapping frames, one horizontal & one vertical, leaning against the wall add a fun, casual touch.
  4. Books, either side by side or stacked, add a classic touch.
  5. Is a TV the main focal point? Then a simple candle stick or sconce on either side will complete the look nicely.
  6. When you’re decorating for a holiday, be sure to remove your everyday items to make room for holiday decor. Don’t force them all on together or it will be too crowded.
mantelblog3branch vases – set of 3metal table decoration, essence vase


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preparing for your guests!

Sleeper sofas can often conjure memories of bulky, ugly, and mostly uncomfortable sofas that fill up your living room. This isn’t the case anymore! A sleeper sofa is a great solution to keep your overnight guests sleeping soundly while allowing you to have a beautiful and comfortable sofa to enjoy for your everyday living.


Bailey Queen Sleeper

Whether you’re in a tiny apartment or looking to fill a larger room, you have several options for sleepers. Your “everyday” sofa is available in a variety of fabrics and styles from classic to modern, including slipcovers and performance fabrics. Bed sizes are available in queen, full, or twin and also have a variety of mattress options to choose from, including memory foam, inner spring support or air bed technology and more. 


Phoenix Queen Sleeper, Cassandra Queen Sleeper with DreamQuest Mattress, Draper 80″ Queen Sleeper, Jasper Queen Sleeper

This concept of a two-in-one piece – sofa + sleeper – is something you will enjoy, and will surprise and delight your guests with the overnight comfort they provide. (Please note: They’ll want to come and visit again!)

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brilliant blue!

blue3hadley slipcover sofa, cass slipcover chair, hugo coffee table, laura rug,  ride the waves artwork,  boats on a mooring artwork, countryside artwork,  ornate indigo pillow,  robbins mist pillow,  colette mist pillow

It’s the color of the sky and the great wide ocean. It’s the color of your favorite jeans. It can be bright, dark, big, bold, rich or soothing. You have so many options on how to bring this great color into your home that you can evoke almost any mood you’re looking for.

The great thing about decorating with blue is that it comes in hundreds of shades and can be your feature item or just used to accent a space.

blueacc51. christina sofa, 2. marquesa pillow, 3. canyon baltic throw, 4. proxy ottoman, 5. nora pedestal table

Go modern with an ikat, an oggi, or a bold graphic. Keep it classic but contemporary with paisleys, plaids and solids. Anyway you apply it, it’s brilliant!

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Layers of Light

seafoam table lamp,  centrifugal table lamp

Light in a room can be truly functional….after all, you need to see the book you’re reading! But, it’s also a key element in creating the mood of a room. The “rule of thumb” you’ll hear often is to “layer” but, what does that mean? It means think of the room left to right, and top to bottom, and place your light sources accordingly.

When thinking top to bottom, you can create layers by mixing lighting at different heights within the room. Perhaps you already have built-in ceiling lights, then add two more dimensions with a tall floor lamp and a table lamp at different heights.

When thinking left to right, don’t place all the lighting on one side or in only one corner of the room; space it around the room to keep it balanced.


1. geometric wire pendant – large, 2. geometric wire pendant – small, 3. shantung arc floor lamp, 4. geo floor lamp, 5. island light

Some extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Have a dark corner? Bounce a light off of a mirror!
  • Lampshades don’t have to only be white. Consider other colors & shapes to add even more depth and interest to your room. Texture is great, also!
  • Color can also be in your lighting. A unique base on a table lamp can bring out colors to accent your upholstery.

Create your very own well-lit & functional space!

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