Design Services: What it’s all about

Before we get started, how would you describe yourself?

Is it:

  • “Ready to roll up my sleeves and plan my entire bedroom makeover!”
  • Or, “AAAAAAAAAA!!! This room is driving me crazy! I’m not sure how to begin! Help!”
  • Or…are you somewhere in between?

Lucky for you, our design associates are ready to help, no matter what situation you find yourself in.


Here are just a few ways our Design Associates can help:

They will ask lots of questions. Like:

“How will this room be used?” “Is there a particular style you want to achieve?” “Do you have a color scheme in mind?” “What inspires you?”

Note: There are no right or wrong answers here; it’s just the beginning of a conversation to help get to know you and your style, along with what items will function best for you.

They’ll help you choose the right colors.


We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from for your upholstered pieces, and many options of wood finishes and paint colors for your wood pieces. Just because you don’t see exactly what you want in the store, doesn’t mean we don’t have it! Just ask…we probably do have it.

You may have heard this adage: “Measure twice, cut once.” Granted, you may not be cutting fabrics yourself, but it’s important that the furniture you buy will fit properly in your room. Our team will help determine this not only for space and fit, but they can make recommendations for placement, too.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

Pillows, rugs, lighting, artwork, throws, baskets, vases – these details can really help put the finishing touch on a room. Our design associates can present you with dozens of options whether you’re looking for fashion or function (or both!) Don’t overlook the details.

So, no matter how you’d describe your current decorating needs, start by meeting with one of our associates in-store. Or, arrange to have them visit your home!

Learn more and start planning your new look today!









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Q&A with Artist Jennifer Hallock

Earlier this year we worked with Jennifer Hallock, a native New-Englander, on some exclusive artwork for sale in our stores. Here, she shares a peek behind her inspiration.

Jennifer Hallock

What is your inspiration?

“Color and form is typically the inspiration behind all of my work, whether abstract or not. Color has the power to really move and inspire all of us, but for me, I also use it to express myself. Creating art is often a process of letting go and “releasing” something intangible.”

Jennifer Hallock in Burlington

Jennifer discusses her exclusive artwork for Boston Interiors at an event in our Burlington store.

What do you focus on?

“Most of my work utilizes bright or cheerful colors because that’s the mood I’m reflecting at the time. I tend to focus on cloudscapes because they involve a sense of movement and freedom in form which gives way to lots of space for interpretation. Mixing the colors, moving the brush across the canvas, it’s almost a form of meditation for me.”

Jennifer Hallock Float Print

Jennifer Hallock “Float‘ Print

What’s your favorite part about the process?

“There’s no right or wrong, good or bad; it’s just about the process. And a lovely bonus when the finished product is a reflection of the beauty of that process!”

Check out Jennifer’s blog, find her on Instagram, and see her pieces for sale on!








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Hung up on hanging artwork?

You’ve just purchased the perfect piece of art. When you get back home, however, you find yourself staring blankly at the wall. You may be wondering:

  • How high should I hang the artwork, especially in relation to the sofa?
  • What if there is nothing to anchor the piece, and the art would go better in a long hallway? (Or, can’t I just tap a nail in someplace and call it a day?!)

Well, yes, you can. But the good news is there are some hard and fast rules that will make your room more visually pleasing to the eye (even if they seem subtle.)

First, how high to hang the artwork?

Maybe you’ve heard that artwork should be hung at eye-level. But you’re a petite 5’1” and your husband towers over you at 6’2”. Whose eye-level are we talking about here?

The general rule of thumb is that the center of the piece should be about 60” off the ground.

Notice we said “center” of the piece, i.e., not the top of the frame!

Should that 60″ rule change depending on where the artwork will be hanging in the room?

So glad you asked, because the answer is yes. But, not much!

When hanging artwork over a sofa, you’ll want it to be centered above the sofa and between 6-12” above the back.

Additional tip: it’s good to have someone sitting on the other side of the room to help guide the exact placement.

What if you have multiple pieces of the same collection of art?

Make a statement by lining them up and placing them 2”-5” away from each other for a clean, cohesive look.

Still unsure if you’re hanging the piece too high or too low?

Another fun way to display your artwork is simply to lean it against the wall.  This is a deliberate, but simply casual look that also allows you to layer the piece with multiple frames or accessories.

Jackson sideboard

The Jackson Sideboard is topped by our Boston Map leaned against the wall, layered by additional accessories.

In need of more pieces to hang on your wall? We offer an eclectic and growing collection of artwork, so hop on over to our site to browse!


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Anchor’s Away!

We’re having so much fun this summer with all of our new nautical themed accessories!

You’ll notice a bit of an “anchor” theme throughout…like when the iconic navy symbol adds coastal flair to hooked pillows, or serves as a bold statement on a throw for your living room or bedroom.


Distressed and classic, this wall clock would look great in a kitchen, den, or even the kids’ room.

Talk about a statement: this Anchor Chandelier will be sure to turn heads!


Boston blogger Kate from DomestikatedLife brought the theme into her kitchen with our fun mugs and stoneware.


And lastly, did you know you can upholster your favorite sofa or chair with this fantastic indigo anchor fabric, for the ultimate nautical look? The look goes beyond pillow accents.

Indigo Anchor PIllow

For more, check out our site for an even bigger splash of coastal-themed décor!




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Small spaces, big ideas

Tiny city apartment? Big house with a small room you just don’t know what to do with?

Make the most of your space by using some of these clever space-saving ideas.

Need a place to sit?

Many sofas are available in loveseats, settee size or mini versions. Don’t rule out a sectional either—there are some great configuration options available in small scale sizes.

And if you’re expecting an overnight guest, consider our Nantucket Twin sleeper – cozy for everyday reading or watching your favorite show, it pops open to a sleeper for your out of town visitor too! Also check out the upgraded mattress options for top-notch comfort.

The Josie comes in a stylish settee, standard sofa, and compact chair, perfect for styling small apartments or spaces (top row + bottom right). Guest visiting? The Nantucket Sleeper (bottom left) pops open for a cozy sleeping space.


Has dinner for two turned into dinner for six?

Our Hyannis Flip Top Table can be used in so many ways! It can comfortably seat six for a meal, but can be folded and used as a sofa table or even a desk when the party is over! Multifunctional pieces make it easy!

Hyannis Flip Flop Table

The Hyannis Flip Flop Table‘s versatility in three uses (from left): side table, dining table, and desk.

Need to quickly hide all the toys or clutter?

Our hideaway ottoman is the perfect storage solution. This piece is so versatile, really! Use it for storage, as a coffee table, or even as an extra seat when you have company. And in the bedroom, whether you’re accommodating company or a growing family, the drawers in our Atlantic bed offer ample storage beneath.

Hideaway Storage Ottoman and Atlantic Panel Storage Bed

The Hideaway Storage Ottoman (left) can serve as a coffee table, storage chest, and seat, while the Atlantic Storage Bed (right) offers extra space to hide away clothing and belongings.






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