Feng Shui: Finding the Balance in Design

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone and their surrounding environment. Our Hanover store put together an introductory workshop focusing on the highlights – the basics of the “art of placement” and small steps to improve chi.


Here are 3 tips to improve the balance, comfort and harmony in your own environment:

  1. Storing things under your bed limits the circulation of energy in your bedroom? Get clutter off the floor and store it away for a better night’s rest.
  1. Mirrors facing your door in an entryway can bounce the positive energy right out of your space. Add an area rug to anchor that energy and replace the mirror with flowers or serene artwork to set a calm and welcoming environment.
  1. Simply add Nature! As international author, Erica Sofrina states: “Nature realigns our energy field and makes us feel whole.”

The team then showed how to turn this out-of-balance room:

H_DE6Into this serene, welcoming environment:


Removing sharp edges in furniture, adding cool toned artwork and a little bit of gold has helped turn this room into a calming escape for the times when you need it most.

Our attendees were encouraged to live with what they love. The key is to have your space resemble who you are now and not who you used to be. Your space is a reflection of your mind, so surround your environment with things that intrigue and inspire you!


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Prime Time Spaces in Your Home

Our Burlington store held it’s first design event that featured tips on how to take inspiration from your favorite TV obsession. The event featured wine, cheese, gifts, raffles, discounts and great design advice!


We had a spectacular turnout for this event!


Inspiration from Downton Abbey included palettes, fabrics, and the richness of texture and pattern that you can use to create your own country estate as Deb shows us below.


Design Associates Erika, Sophanny, and Jane gave tips on selecting fabrics when trying to achieve a mid-century modern look as seen in Mad Men. We love the color and pattern combinations they came up with!


Using inspiration from Scandal, Design Associates Alexa, Erin, and Tom put together an “eclectic” room showcasing a variety of periods and styles brought together through the use of color, texture, shape, and finish.


Thanks to the Burlington team for an amazing night!


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Behind the Scenes

Recently our creative and marketing team packed up some of our favorite collections and headed off to our first ever on-location photo shoot! We were so lucky to find this gorgeous 15-room estate in Milton and we couldn’t be happier with the images that resulted.


(Holbrook Bed, Manhattan Dining Collection)

The updated looks feature new and long-time favorite collection pieces and they’re here just in time to inspire a spring refresh in your own home… Everything from an accent update to a whole room makeover!

(Coleman Crank Table, Laney Rug)

Keep checking back with us online and look for our print ads for inspiration on refreshing your space!

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Fabrics for Your Lifestyle & Prints to Adore

Last Sunday, our Saugus location held a special Design Event themed Love the Furniture You’ll Live On. Sunday brunch & mimosas?  Yes please.


The event began with a questionnaire where attendees were able to determine which fabrics would best suit their lifestyle. Results fell into one of three categories:

  • A: Active households where fabrics that are more durable and easily cleaned would be ideal – Performance Sunbrella and Microfiber
  • B: A home where regular entertaining and natural style shines through will benefit from strong and durable fabrics with a crisp look – Pre-washed Cottons
  • C: Eye-catching and trend focused, these fabrics are made of more delicate fibers – perfect for occasional entertaining and statement spaces – Natural Fabrics, Delicate Fibers

Which category works for your home?

Our Design Associates had great tips for how to maintain the life of your upholstery as well as some interesting myths they helped to expose. For example, did you know that fabric pilling is totally normal? Synthetic fibers specifically are more likely to pill than natural fibers because of their great durability and strength. These fibers “anchor” the pills on the fabric rather than them breaking off (as seen in natural fibers). As an added bonus, all upholstery upgrades are complimentary during our Custom Upholstery Sale.

Once you know the type of fabric that works for you the fun begins – patterns and color choices! They covered every pattern from basic stripes to ikat to tapestry and encouraged guests to use the 60/30/10 rule: Think of one color as making up 60% of your room, a second color as 30% and a smaller pop of color as 10% of your room.


Then the team quickly transformed our Atwood Sofa between two looks – a neutral modern look and then a boho look with turquoise accents.


Thanks, Saugus Team. You are fabulous.


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Romance Your Room With Color

Last week, our Westborough location hosted a Design Event where they shared tips on how to Romance Your Room with Color. Topics discussed covered the basic principles of the color wheel, moods that different colors elicit, where to find inspiration, and design functionality in the home. This team sure knows how to romance a crowd, and the incredible treats for attendees didn’t hurt…


When it comes to color, our Design Associates know decorating can be a challenge. From paint colors to patterns, to textures (oh my!), there is a lot to consider when giving your room some love. Which leaves you asking yourself: Where do I start? Start with getting inspired! Find inspiration anywhere, from your favorite boards on Pinterest to the coastal view you pass on a weekend getaway.

Too often we don’t love the space we spend the most time in: a stale home office, an outdated bedroom or a less-than-fabulous living room. The good news is that it’s not too late to make basic updates. For example, the addition of an orange accent wall can boost creativity and introducing a blue color palette will induce calmness. Our Design Associates encouraged last week’s guests to find visual stimulation in anything and everything: architecture, photography, fashion – bring your inspiration into one of our stores and we’ll make your ideas come to life in your home.


Maybe you already have your color palette identified but are looking for a classic update to tie your room together. A neutral-hued investment piece like a sofa might be the perfect addition. At the Event our Design Associates featured the Brooke Sofa in warm and cool environments. Which one speaks to you?


Thanks, Westborough Team. You are fabulous.


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