Furniture Care: Leather

Leather is easily maintained but caring for it can often be overlooked. Proper care will prolong the life, value, look and even smell of your leather furniture. Here’s a few tips to help you with the process.

Tip #1: Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent the leather from fading. Consider window placement when arranging your furniture. Curtains and blinds can also be a big help.

Tip #2:
 Fluff and rotate any loose seat and back cushions at least once a week to prevent uneven wear.

Tip #3:
Condition at least twice a year to prevent drying out or cracking. Before applying anything, make sure to test in a small inconspicuous area.

Tip #4: Vacuum or dust with a dry cloth regularly to prevent dirt from grinding into the leather.

Tip #5: Blot liquid spills immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge.

For more specific information be sure to check the leather cleaning instructions upon purchase. Cleaning instructions can be found on your furniture’s tag or on the Boston Interiors website under the ‘product specs’ tab for your item.

Note: Cleaning and conditioning methods will depend on the type of leather purchased. Check your leather type; aniline/protected leather, wax pull up leather, oil pull up leather or nubuck leather prior to cleaning or conditioning to ensure you have the appropriate product.

You can also read more about furniture care here. And next time you’re in one of our showrooms be sure to take home a furniture care brochure to have for easy reference.

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  1. vps says:

    Love your blog.. This is what I use

  2. An informative post.It is necessary to care your furniture. Natural materials always need care.Vacuum in between sofa’s seat cushion, Select a cleaner, Dampen the cloth, Apply the cleaning product,Rinse the cloth in cleaning water, Rinse the sofa, Dry the sofa. Apply a small amount of toothpaste or hairspray to stains.

  3. Maxwell Gage says:

    Thank You For Sharing this blog. it’s very useful for our sofa care, you have suggest very nice tips for sofa care.

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