Mixing Fabrics & Patterns

Mixing fabrics and patterns can be tricky. It takes real thought and true planning to pull off multiple patterns in one room.

Luckily, our design associates are pros and can help with this effort—or, if you want to attempt on your own, you can think about it like this:

  1. Find your most prominent—likely largest—pattern. Use this as your starting point.
  2. Pull your solid base color from this. This will ground everything and will help define the color palette for the secondary patterns you pick.
  3. Balance your scale of patterns by choosing a mid- and at least one small-scale pattern.
  4. Bring in some textures. All of the fabrics should not have the same feel and texture. For instance, it’s okay to mix a velvet with a denim or cotton.
  5. Remember: you don’t have to follow rules for same-size patterns on pieces, e.g. large patterns on large pieces, or small patterns on small pieces. You can use the large pattern on something bigger, like an accent chair or chaise—it doesn’t have to be just pillows.

Here are a few more quick tips:

  • Choose 3 or more patterns in the same color scheme
  • Be sure to space the patterns throughout the room
  • Mix the size of the patterns, e.g. a large floral with a medium stripe + small plaid.
  • Every once in a while, go ahead an add in a solid!

Check out our selection of accent pillows & throw blankets, along with our bedding selection, for inspiration!

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