Coffee Table Tips & Trends

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes: rectangular, square, oval, round…

So, that means there are many fun things to consider when searching for a table that’s just right for your room!


No matter what type of coffee table, it’s not meant to be right in the center of the room (or so close to the sofa that you can barely get by). The general rule of thumb is to place the table about 18 inches away from the edge of the sofa. This allows enough space to easily move onto the sofa and close enough to place your drink down, without having to get up!


Coffee tables vary in height, so the rule here is to have it sit about 1-2 inches lower than the sofa.

Theon Round Coffee Table

The round theon coffee table is a perfect complement to a sectional sofa, offering an antique brass frame and unique texture.


Do you like to keep a clean look and have a place to hide your remote controls and magazines? Then consider a table with drawers for storage or a shelf beneath where you can place baskets. Even better: a lift top, for some serious storage!


Round or oval shaped tables, or even an upholstered ottoman, are good to consider for a family with young children toddling around—no hard edges to bump on as the little ones start to walk and explore!

No-fuss cleaning

Glass top tables can be great to show off your beautiful floor below. They’re also easy to spray clean, and if you like to entertain a lot, there’s no need to worry about coasters!

Bringing the outdoors inside

A beautiful wood table can vary from natural and rustic to sleek and formal. Reclaimed and recycled wood can offer character and texture, and are often sourced from timber and sometimes, even an old barn!

Mixing it up

This can be a really fun opportunity to mix up woods and metals. Solid wood can offer a more tailored, formal look, while a crank bottom touts a fun and functional vibe.

Crank tables

Top: The mave crank coffee table features a reclaimed wood top and a welded iron, industrial base. Bottom: The garrison crank coffee table has a bluestone top and adjustable iron base.

Check out our selection of occasional and coffee tables, featuring a wide variety of accent, end, side, and coffee tables, growing every day!

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