A touch of the sea

There are myriad ways to add a nautical or seaside influence to your home decor. From colors to textures to materials found right down at the seashore, read on for a holistic approach to seaside charm.

Brooke Stripe Sofa

A striped sofa, like the Brooke, can pair with nautical accessories, textured rugs, and occasional tables with a coastal feel.

1. You don’t have to “theme” it

By incorporating nautical elements into your space, you don’t have to support just one rigid “theme.” Think: a starfish-only themed room, or a room full of anchors, anchors, and more anchors! Instead you can simply have a mix of elements. Varied statement pieces can go a long way.

2. Go natural with eco-friendly materials

To add authenticity to your nautical-inspired space, choose products made of sustainable materials, textures, or elements from the sea that will allow you to feel the influence. For instance reclaimed wood, like driftwood, will lend your space a more natural, rustic feel. Woven textures like seagrass are also perfect.

Seagrass boxes

natural woven seagrass boxes with toggle closure

3. Use sea-inspired tones

Traditional colors like red, white, and blue will always make you think of holiday cookouts or evoke a nautical vibe. But you can also seek more dedicated sea tones, like smoky grays, seafoam greens, and cerulean blues. Stripes are also classic. The end result: an oceanic oasis!

4. Include natural textures

Texture is the last important element to weave into the room. Consider natural rugs made of sisel, or rope that gives an overall natural feel without being too overt. Even wood textures with distressing feel ocean-worn.

textured products

Add texture to nautical decor with multifaceted items like a rope ball, rope wall mirror, or sisal rug.

However you decide to add nautical or seaside elements to your decor, have fun with it! If you need a place to start, check out our newest nautical and sea-inspired accessories.

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