Globally Inspired Decor

While we pride ourselves on domestic fabrics proudly made in the USA, we also welcome inspiration from all corners of the world. We’re into everything from Indonesian cane detailing on beds and cabinet doors, to tribal patterns on pillows, to ikat-inspired rug designs.

Read on for a list of cultural influences you can easily add to your home decor.

1. Cane Detailing from Indonesia

cane detailing

Carmel bed (left) and Beatrice cabinet (right)

Caning is a method of weaving chair seats, cabinet doors, and other kinds of furniture using cane derived from the rattan vine native to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Cane weaving is not to be confused with wicker, as wicker is a broader method, incorporating different sorts of man-made materials rather than solely rattan. Cane detailing adds texture and contrast.

2. Textiles with ethnic influences

hand-dyed textiles and indigo

The subtly faded, hand-dyed look of Cisco’s Costello chair (left). A vibrant Bali Indigo pattern marks the beautiful Allegra Chair (right).

Fabric can make a huge statement in your home, especially with the bold hues of indigo or the use of hand-dyed textiles with an ethnic influence. Reminiscent of the natural vegetable dying process, these striking designs add confluence of character, color, and culture.

3. Tribal patterns to achieve an earthly symmetry

tribal patterns

The tribal patterns of the (clockwise from top) Adobe pillow, Elly Onyx pillow, and Journey jute rug.

Eclectic, symmetrical tribal patterns, adding color depth and contrast, can adorn anything from your throw pillows to your area rugs. These designs go above and beyond your run-of-the-mill home decor!

4. Got to have Ikat

ikat influences

Clockwise from top: The Aviva chair in ikat pewter fabric, Bombay Geranium pillow, LouLou pillow, and Luna rug.

Fabric made using the Indonesian decorative technique called ikat uses warp or weft threads that are tie-dyed just before weaving. The process produces elaborate, multi-colored patterns with a characteristic blurred quality. The look is as unique as the name itself.

For whatever corner of the world inspires you, we have a wide array of options if you’re thinking outside the box (or this side of the world!) Shop accessories and home decor during Bonus Days at

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  1. Lovely decor!! I was looking for some fresh design inspirations.Thank you so much for sharing this post …

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