New Homeowner Checklist


#1: Measure your space…again

No matter how many times you measured walls, ceilings, and rooms prior to move-in, when the boxes are all unpacked and your end tables are impossibly far from an outlet, or worse, your king bed actually doesn’t fit through the stairwell–more often than not you’ll need to rethink your space.

Sometimes a professional is your best bet, coming directly to your home or helping you draw out a floor plan to-scale while in-store. We offer design services to do just that. A professional will leave no stone unturned, keeping an eye on doors, hallways, and staircases, along with ceiling heights, windows, and the holy grail: power outlets.

#2: Tackle priority rooms

Overwhelmed by what to tackle first or restricted by a budget? Think about what’s most important to you. Are your in-laws coming in a few weeks for the holidays? Then a dining room (take advantage of our Dining Days Sale, going on now) and the guest bedrooms will need serious consideration.

A baby on the way? Make that the nursery. (And also a wine cellar. Kidding!)

If you and the kids watch TV or play games together every night, then a sectional in the main living room or family room makes sense. Have a dog and two cats, too? A sectional with a performance fabric, to protect against stains and everyday wear-and-tear, is crucial. Great news if that’s the case–our most popular sale of the year, our Custom Upholstery Sale, is going on now where we’re offering free fabric upgrades.

#3: Compile a list of home improvement services.

At your new address, your mailbox will be filled to the brim with local service flyers, catalogs, and coupons. Of course the coupons will come in handy, but the flyers for local services will too, even if they seem excessive. File away future or potential needs such as chimney sweepers, tree services, electricians, and plumbers. Price compare and “reputation compare” by joining local town or city Facebook groups where recommendations are aplenty for trusted businesses and contractors. Or go the tried and true route: ask a neighbor.

#4: Think about color patterns and those must have pieces. 

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The fun part: choosing colors and patterns

Whether you’re starting with one room or designing your home in one fell swoop, it’s best to have color palette in mind that will carry throughout the home, buttressed by contrasting fabrics and textures. Complementary colors from room to room will create a natural flow, pleasuring the eye. Did we mention we’re having a Custom Upholstery Sale?! This is where pattern comes in. Do not be afraid to mix. If you have design help, bring up that favorite desk or heirloom family piece and find the best way to work it into your plan.

#5: Crack open the champagne.

You’re in a new home! Celebrate this joyous occasion!

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