The land of no returns

Give a gift for keeps

We were surprised to learn that 54% of all holidays gifts were either exchanged or altered last year, according to e-Gift platform GiftNow. What may not be surprising is what types of gifts get returned. You might’ve guessed it already: clothing! It’s tough choosing a sweater for Mom, or pants that fit just right for your significant other.

Another highly returned category is sweets, like chocolate or candy—so what may seem tried and true may prove to be a waste of money.

So, now that you know what may not be the best gift to buy, you can formulate a plan for the holiday season and tailor presents for your loved ones. Our additional take? The trick is not only shopping for the right gift (you don’t want to send them straight to those dreadful post-holiday return lines), but keeping it all within budget for yourself!



Count the number of sofas, chairs, benches, and other seating in your home. A lot, right? Well consider your friends and family. A soft, stylish throw blanket is not only pleasant to the touch when opening gifts (cue the ooh’s and ahh’s as they run their hand over a plush knit throw), but it’s a safe bet that some surface of their home could use a pop of color, or at the very least as winter approaches, a warm cocoon for curling up with cocoa.

Fluffy Throws

The fun & fuzzy Fluff Throw (left) and the soft and plush Polar Throw (right)

Candle Bags

Decorative candle bags are a big trend this holiday season. Simple candles get a personalized boost when housed in little reusable sacks. These can range from muslin to canvas and feature irreverent, homey, or inspirational quotations. Hit two birds with one stone if you’re gifting for a new home around the holidays.

Try something like the “Happy House” candle bag ($49.95), scented with a unique blend of lemongrass, cedar wood, soft rose, and clove. Or, for that Beatles fan: “I Get by with a Little Help From my Friends.”


On a budget: Keeping it under $100

We’ll keep it simple: some of the best gifts can also be a bargain, from accent pillows, to decorative plates, to glass votives and candleholders. As a bonus, for the rest of December we’re offering 20% off all lighting, rugs, and accessories. Use promo code WW during our Winter Wonder Sale!

And when all else fails…

Gift cards! Let your loved ones choose a treat for themselves. If they just moved into their home, or they just want to spruce up their space, furniture and accessories are just the thing. And your gift card will help…inspirationally, and financially.

GIft Cards from Boston Interiors

So go ahead, give the gift of design!

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