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Creating bedroom bliss

Your bedroom should make you say, “Ahhhhh” as soon as you walk in and, “Zzzzzzz” not long after! Small changes to decor can make a big difference in how you sleep. Here are just a few: Make sure you love … Continue reading

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Holiday décor and more…or less

The options to spruce up your home for the holidays are endless, but the trick is not to overwhelm. The good news is that your home doesn’t have to look like it was hit by a tornado of glitter! Here … Continue reading

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Coffee Table Tips & Trends

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes: rectangular, square, oval, round… So, that means there are many fun things to consider when searching for a table that’s just right for your room! Placement No matter what type of coffee … Continue reading

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Mixing Fabrics & Patterns

Mixing fabrics and patterns can be tricky. It takes real thought and true planning to pull off multiple patterns in one room. Luckily, our design associates are pros and can help with this effort—or, if you want to attempt on … Continue reading

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Design Services: What it’s all about

Before we get started, how would you describe yourself? Is it: “Ready to roll up my sleeves and plan my entire bedroom makeover!” Or, “AAAAAAAAAA!!! This room is driving me crazy! I’m not sure how to begin! Help!” Or…are you … Continue reading

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