even more ways…to color your world

Spring has sprung in earnest here in New England, and we’ve officially caught the color bug! In our last post we highlighted ways to set the vibe in your home, from bold accent walls to cheery accessories.

But who’s to say the furniture can’t stand in as a source of vibrant, eye-catching bedazzlement?

The [good] moody blues

As we stated in our last post, blue can embody a sense of calm, and with varying shades like cornflower and pebble blue – you can’t go wrong with blue tables, benches, cabinets…or even a sofa. Blue can be dusty with gray undertones for a lived-in feel, or it can even be layered tone-on-tone.

Get razzed up

You can pair neutrals, like charcoals, with bold raspberries and fuchsias for maximum effect, like with this Astra swivel chair, and accent the piece with another bold color, like teal or green.

Still not sure? We admit, raspberry is bold, but when grounded, it can add an undeniable statement to your home.

Seafaring greens

Whether you’re inspired by Mother Earth or the heart chakra, glorious shades of green never fail to turn heads. We like it in soft tones of seafoam, or kelly green. Emerald, too!


Stop in or shop online (coupon code MM) for our Memorial Day Sale, going on now, where you can save hundreds on upholstery and bedroom furniture in your favorite green, raspberry, and blue shades, plus hundreds more fabrics and colors!

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Color your world

At Boston Interiors, we love color. Color—yes, real color!—can completely change the mood of a room. You can create a color story starting with any element, from accent pillows to patterned rugs to paint color.

Zen Den

Generally, sunny, bright yellows evoke a fresh feeling of warmth, especially when paired with light blues and celery greens. Swathed in these cheery hues, your kitchen or bedroom will transform into a place of zen, offering a daily lift to the spirit.

Cool Calm

For more of a relaxation vibe, try mixing blues and grays: warm tones for a serene setting, or cool tones for a “chilled-out” feeling. Bonus, both are ultra current looks.

An ethereal sky blue wall registers a sense of cool calm.

An ethereal sky blue wall registers a sense of cool calm against pale blue throws and soft peach  pillows. Paint color: Water 03

Audacious accent walls

For bold pops of color, try splashing an accent wall with a striking, rich hue. Situated against furniture, the wall color will help the piece stand out and make a dramatic statement…whatever that may be!

A bold purple accent wall enhances the furniture set against it.

A bold accent wall enhances the furniture set against it. Paint color: Water 05

Let us help

PaintNow that we offer eco-focused, superior coverage paint (delivered direct to your door), make an appointment with one of our designers who will help you choose from our endless color options. Even more, get free shipping over $50!

Don’t fear color, embolden your world.

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Outdoor is in

It used to be that your outdoor space was utilized periodically—a simple picnic table would do the trick. These days, outdoor spaces are truly an extension of your home. Whether it’s on a mahogany deck just off your kitchen, a brick patio with a marshmallow-roasting fire pit, or a three-season porch serving as a second family room, there are more options than ever before to expand and furnish your space.

outdoor nassau lounge collection

Plush comfort in the cabana-style Nassau dining furniture. Pictured: lounge sofa, chair, and sustainable teak plank-top coffee table.

Al fresco

With that clunky old picnic table out of the picture, there are unique dining sets so beautiful they could sit inside your home. But with warm weather on the horizon, why stay indoors?


Feel like you’re sipping cappuccino in a French bistro with our compact St. Tropez Dining Set, perfect for smaller outdoor spaces.

Dine al fresco with a French café-inspired bistro set, or sink into a cabana-style plush chair. You can always opt for easy clean up with tempered glass tops!

Bar Cart

Make the most of your space

Another way to extend your indoor living space is by creating a lounge-like outdoor area with comfy lounge sofas and coffee tables. Complement the fun atmosphere with colorful rugs and pillows and top surfaces with a crisp lemonade, a fresh brew, or a summery cocktail. And don’t forget the bar cart!

A peek at teak

Outdoor teak furniture from Boston Interiors

The Oceanside whitewash teak dining set features plank tops and a light wax finish.

Many of our offerings feature sustainable or whitewashed teak, styled with plank top designs or finished in a light wax. Look for pieces that will withstand the elements—from April showers to blazing August heat—with features such as UV-resistant chair cushions and sunproof fabrics.

In living color

And of course customization is king: choose from dozens of color and finish options. Tractor red chair? Check. A gold Adirondack chair in a weathered finish? Why not?

outdoor chairs in color at boston interiors

Brighten up your outdoor space with bold color and finish options, from tractor red rocking chairs to gold Adirondak chairs.

In the end, transforming your outdoor space to be unique to your style will be a breeze, and with the extra square footage, you’ll have yourself a true outdoor oasis.

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Eco-conscious craftsmanship

Highlighting one of our environmentally friendly US Manufacturers

Regatta Sofa

Our new Regatta sofa from Cisco, sustainable furniture by an eco-conscious manufacturer. See store for details.

Made in the USA
All our upholstery is made in the USA. This is a huge source of pride—not only because it keeps jobs close to home—but because it helps uphold a tradition of employing skilled craftsmen (and women!) who can design beautifully detailed, high quality furniture.

And being American made, these pieces can be delivered fast, even if you customize your fabric (see more on that below). We can usually deliver customized furniture to you in as little as six weeks; there’s no need to wait months to ship across the sea.

Enter Cisco
Cisco is one of our newest American-based upholstery partners. Based in South Central Los Angeles, Cisco exclusively produces environmentally friendly products and always makes sure to give back to the local community. Even more, their finely crafted furniture is beautiful and comfortable, with sink-in down seating and natural fabrics. All of the colorful, bohemian-style fabrics are uniquely made and exclusive to Cisco’s collection.

All this is why we’re proud to host a meet and greet with Cisco’s founder, Cisco Pinedo, at our Burlington store on April 4th. RSVP here to get 15% off any one item in the store that day while enjoying snacks and refreshments (and more!).

Boston Design Week Cisco Event on April 4th in our Burlington Store

Custom, custom, custom
Lastly, choose exactly what you want to upholster your sofa, settee, or chair with all of our unique fabrics. You can turn what you see in our stores into your own individualized, special find. For instance you can infuse rich, saturated colors to reflect a bohemian influence, or you can play around with patterns for a look that is truly yours. And all delivered quickly!

Cisco Ventura Settee in Indigo Blue fabric.

Cisco Ventura Settee in Indigo  fabric.

We hope you will stop in to one of our stores and look for a Cisco sofa or any other piece to make your home a haven. And be sure to check out our Custom Upholstery Sale where you can save 15% on custom fabrics, now through end of March.

Who knows, you could find just the style and fabric you need to put that finishing touch on your home!

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A touch of the sea

There are myriad ways to add a nautical or seaside influence to your home decor. From colors to textures to materials found right down at the seashore, read on for a holistic approach to seaside charm.

Brooke Stripe Sofa

A striped sofa, like the Brooke, can pair with nautical accessories, textured rugs, and occasional tables with a coastal feel.

1. You don’t have to “theme” it

By incorporating nautical elements into your space, you don’t have to support just one rigid “theme.” Think: a starfish-only themed room, or a room full of anchors, anchors, and more anchors! Instead you can simply have a mix of elements. Varied statement pieces can go a long way.

2. Go natural with eco-friendly materials

To add authenticity to your nautical-inspired space, choose products made of sustainable materials, textures, or elements from the sea that will allow you to feel the influence. For instance reclaimed wood, like driftwood, will lend your space a more natural, rustic feel. Woven textures like seagrass are also perfect.

Seagrass boxes

natural woven seagrass boxes with toggle closure

3. Use sea-inspired tones

Traditional colors like red, white, and blue will always make you think of holiday cookouts or evoke a nautical vibe. But you can also seek more dedicated sea tones, like smoky grays, seafoam greens, and cerulean blues. Stripes are also classic. The end result: an oceanic oasis!

4. Include natural textures

Texture is the last important element to weave into the room. Consider natural rugs made of sisel, or rope that gives an overall natural feel without being too overt. Even wood textures with distressing feel ocean-worn.

textured products

Add texture to nautical decor with multifaceted items like a rope ball, rope wall mirror, or sisal rug.

However you decide to add nautical or seaside elements to your decor, have fun with it! If you need a place to start, check out our newest nautical and sea-inspired accessories.

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