set the mood

Sometimes setting the table calls for some special additions. Creating a theme doesn’t have to be a formal affair! We scoured our favorite sites to set this rustic-chic tabletop.


arrow bottle stopper, arrow measuring spoons, flourish terrarium, bamboo table runner

Better Homes and Gardens recommends “harmonizing objects of different shapes and sizes with an asymmetrical arrangement. Balance a tall, large object with several smaller ones.” On our tablescape, the terrarium, wine bottle and stacked pottery achieve this in a simple and understated way.

We were so inspired by country-chic styles on Pinterest that we created our own oh-so-simple sunflower centerpiece. Here we recreated the look with our own Flourish Terranium, but a Ball jar would work just as well.

Round tables can feature a table runner too! There are just a few basic rules that we stuck to like featuring “one runner across the center” and ensuring that “one-third the width and hang 6 inches over the side.

Our setup took only a few minutes to pull together, what theme would you choose?

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warm infusions

There is something so exciting about buying a simple new accessory to change the look of an outfit.  Change your flats to a great pair of heels, add a new cocktail ring, throw on some lipgloss to go from relaxed to posh in a matter of minutes. Did you know you can incorporate these mini-makeovers into your home as well? Adding a fresh look and feel to your space can be as easy as adding a few new statement accessories. A warm color palette can be achieved without even painting the walls! The key to any great outfit or room makeover, is to create a look that tells a story. Below, we’ve infused warmth with accent pillows, a throw and a distressed clock.


serafina gold pillow, portico clay pillow, distressed red clock

These warm-hued decorative balls bring an earthy feel to the space while the orb sculpture adds modern shimmer.


natural wrapped decorative balls, metal gold orb

So go ahead, try warming up your home with these simple additions. Where will you begin?

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Arranging Fresh Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are in full bloom! We decided to make the most of these garden treasures by arranging them in some of our favorite vases.


teagan gold pot

Martha Stewart had some excellent tips for your own arrangements, here are 3 of our favorite:

  • Create a study in color with different flowers in shades of the same hue. Hydrangeas and clematis in purple tones look unified yet diverse.
  • Play with texture by adding airy sprigs to a dense mound of flowers. A yellowware kitchen bowl of late-summer dahlias would certainly be lovely enough on its own, but adding a contrasting element make it even more striking.
  • Make a jewel-like bouquet by combing unexpected elements. An assemblage of begonia leaves snipped from houseplants invites a closer look and rewards the viewer with varied colors, patterns, and textures.


flourish terrarium, essence vase
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Feng Shui: Finding the Balance in Design

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone and their surrounding environment. Our Hanover store put together an introductory workshop focusing on the highlights – the basics of the “art of placement” and small steps to improve chi.


Here are 3 tips to improve the balance, comfort and harmony in your own environment:

  1. Storing things under your bed limits the circulation of energy in your bedroom? Get clutter off the floor and store it away for a better night’s rest.
  1. Mirrors facing your door in an entryway can bounce the positive energy right out of your space. Add an area rug to anchor that energy and replace the mirror with flowers or serene artwork to set a calm and welcoming environment.
  1. Simply add Nature! As international author, Erica Sofrina states: “Nature realigns our energy field and makes us feel whole.”

The team then showed how to turn this out-of-balance room:

H_DE6Into this serene, welcoming environment:


Removing sharp edges in furniture, adding cool toned artwork and a little bit of gold has helped turn this room into a calming escape for the times when you need it most.

Our attendees were encouraged to live with what they love. The key is to have your space resemble who you are now and not who you used to be. Your space is a reflection of your mind, so surround your environment with things that intrigue and inspire you!

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Prime Time Spaces in Your Home

Our Burlington store held it’s first design event that featured tips on how to take inspiration from your favorite TV obsession. The event featured wine, cheese, gifts, raffles, discounts and great design advice!


Inspiration from Downton Abbey included palettes, fabrics, and the richness of texture and pattern that you can use to create your own country estate. Next came tips on selecting fabrics when trying to achieve a mid-century modern look as seen in Mad Men. We love the color and pattern combinations they came up with!


Using inspiration from Scandal, Design Associates Alexa, Erin, and Tom put together an “eclectic” room showcasing a variety of periods and styles brought together through the use of color, texture, shape, and finish.


Thanks to the Burlington team for an amazing night!

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