Small spaces, big ideas

Tiny city apartment? Big house with a small room you just don’t know what to do with?

Make the most of your space by using some of these clever space-saving ideas.

Need a place to sit?

Many sofas are available in loveseats, settee size or mini versions. Don’t rule out a sectional either—there are some great configuration options available in small scale sizes.

And if you’re expecting an overnight guest, consider our Nantucket Twin sleeper – cozy for everyday reading or watching your favorite show, it pops open to a sleeper for your out of town visitor too! Also check out the upgraded mattress options for top-notch comfort.

The Josie comes in a stylish settee, standard sofa, and compact chair, perfect for styling small apartments or spaces (top row + bottom right). Guest visiting? The Nantucket Sleeper (bottom left) pops open for a cozy sleeping space.


Has dinner for two turned into dinner for six?

Our Hyannis Flip Top Table can be used in so many ways! It can comfortably seat six for a meal, but can be folded and used as a sofa table or even a desk when the party is over! Multifunctional pieces make it easy!

Hyannis Flip Flop Table

The Hyannis Flip Flop Table‘s versatility in three uses (from left): side table, dining table, and desk.

Need to quickly hide all the toys or clutter?

Our hideaway ottoman is the perfect storage solution. This piece is so versatile, really! Use it for storage, as a coffee table, or even as an extra seat when you have company. And in the bedroom, whether you’re accommodating company or a growing family, the drawers in our Atlantic bed offer ample storage beneath.

Hideaway Storage Ottoman and Atlantic Panel Storage Bed

The Hideaway Storage Ottoman (left) can serve as a coffee table, storage chest, and seat, while the Atlantic Storage Bed (right) offers extra space to hide away clothing and belongings.






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Sustainable Products for Every Day

At Boston Interiors, we strive to be an environmentally responsible retailer. We wanted to share some of the programs in which we’re able to do just that. First:

we believe it’s important to be eco-friendly

We are proud to partner with manufacturers who are members of The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), all of whom practice sustainable forestry. Additionally, we seek out beautiful furniture that incorporates reclaimed wood in its designs.


left: Hugo Display Cabinet (reclaimed pine); center: Coleman Crank Table (reclaimed teak top); right: Antique Stool (reclaimed elm)

Although wood is a key component in so much of what we sell, there are other materials with which we can help make an impact. For example, you’ll find some of these materials throughout our products as well:

  • organic fabrics that are bleach-free;
  • cushions that are constructed with soy-based foams and recycled fiber filling;
  • natural materials are found in many of our products, such as bamboo, cotton, linen, hemp, abaca, silk, wool & jute;
  • cushion springs made from recycled iron; and
  • water-based glues, paints, and finishes.

We also felt it was important for us to be members of the SFC, where we commit to everyday business practices that are healthy for our world.
1% for PlanetAdditionally, we have begun a relationship with 1% FOR THE PLANET, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting business, consumers, and nonprofits. We will give a portion of our proceeds—during key times of the year—directly to non-profits who give back to the earth.

Our first effort is in June, with a focus on all of our recycled products to benefit the New England Forestry Foundation.

And last but not least:

we believe it’s important to recycle

All of the furniture we receive is shipped to us in packaging materials, including massive boxes or plastic.  So that this does not become waste, each year in our warehouse facility alone we recycle approximately 269 tons of plastic and cardboard packing materials.

We also participate in recycling programs at our offices, store locations and distribution center, and we always use energy-efficient lighting in our facilities.

Shop with a purpose this month. Visit for more information!




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fabrics for everyday living

Terrified of spills? Fretting over pets on the furniture?  Worry not! Performance fabrics offer built-in protection for everyday living.


Pippa the puppy on the Atwood Sofa, available in performance fabric by special order.

What are Performance Fabrics?

Performance Fabric IconPerformance fabrics are textiles engineered to resist stains, abrasions, fading, and pet-hair damage. Easy to clean, they will offer years of carefree maintenance when it comes to caring for your upholstery. Look for the performance fabric icon on our frames stocked in these fabrics. Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes in North Carolina

Spring is here and it’s time to get out—so we did just that!

A team of our design associates headed to North Carolina for a behind-the-scenes look at how our beautiful fabric and furniture are made.

First stop: the wood factory.

We watched how our tables and chairs are carefully crafted from a raw piece of wood to a gorgeous smooth finish, resulting in many stains and colors.


To see the finished products, check out our vast selection of chairs and stools!

We learned even more about quality construction and where the wood comes from (right here in the US!) A few of us even got to practice wood finishing on our own small pieces.

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customizing your wood furniture

In a recent post, we discussed how we can help you make decisions on all of the options for customized upholstery pieces. Did you know there are also a ton of options for your wood furniture as well? Living room, dining room, bedroom…many come with a variety of choices!

Choices are wonderful, and short of getting our own hammers and nails and building pieces ourselves, don’t we just love the ability to make things special to us?! But with all this power of selection at our fingertips, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused.

Once again, break it down and if needed, ask the experts for some help!

monroe-600blogMonroe 5-Piece Dining Set- Mist, Monroe Windsor Arm Chair – Mist, Swanson Cabinet, Hampton Views Artwork

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