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Design Services: What it’s all about

Before we get started, how would you describe yourself? Is it: “Ready to roll up my sleeves and plan my entire bedroom makeover!” Or, “AAAAAAAAAA!!! This room is driving me crazy! I’m not sure how to begin! Help!” Or…are you … Continue reading

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Layers of Light

seafoam table lamp,  centrifugal table lamp Light in a room can be truly functional….after all, you need to see the book you’re reading! But, it’s also a key element in creating the mood of a room. The “rule of thumb” you’ll … Continue reading

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Adding Height to a Room

Feeling cramped in your space? Here are few quick and easy tips for opening up your room and making the ceilings appear higher! Hanging curtains – the higher the better. Mount your curtain rod above the window frame to draw … Continue reading

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